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About us

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Our premium products reflect the values and beliefs of our Italian boutique company, indeed a company that in many respects resembles an artisans’ shop.

The so-called “high-end” audio market, and more in general the audio market as a whole, proposes an impressive if not bewildering amount of choice. Along with diversity come oft claims of superiority, originality, innovation, all in a fair attempt to attract attention and to promote proudly developed products.

How does a customer choose? The answer to this question can be hugely different from an individual to another and at Angstrom Audiolab we believe that in the end what we say doesn’t really matter, we simply let our products choose their master. We let our products speak for themselves.

Our products start their dialogue with a wink and force you to look. Is it modern? Is it vintage? Is it valves or solid state? How much might that cost? The closer you get the more you realize that this is not a product for everybody. It’s a product of the highest quality, with its own personality and aura. Aluminum, steel, genuine wood, outstanding lacquering and paint. You are hooked, you must hear how it sounds.

Despite a bias towards valves Angstrom audiolab employs both solid state and tube technologies.

Religious attention is taken in all aspects of our design and production; regardless of whether we use a point-to-point topology or PCBs.


Components and materials are of the highest standards, especially where we determine an impact on sound. The sticker “Handmade in Italy” cannot be any truer than with our products. Each piece that leaves our workshop is the result of many hours of manual work, something uniquely special.

Is that all worth it? You are the ultimate judge but first turn the switch on and let our devices to provide its own answer.

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